SEO Methods to Make Your Business Website Search-Engine Friendly

The goal of search engine optimization is to increase the visibility of websites and improve their rankings. The more frequently websites show in the results, the more visitors they get. Different techniques are used to this purpose, including academic, video, local, and image search.

search-engine-optimizationAcademic databases offer access to scientific articles, repositories, academic journals, bibliographies, and other sources. Image search allows users to browse and retrieve images and photos from databases. There are different SEO techniques to optimize images, including keywords, meta data, tags, descriptions, and others. Methods for automatic image annotation are also used. There are also tools for online annotation. Search methods include content-based image retrieval and image meta search. The search engines display images based on shape, texture, color, and other types of visual content.

searchThere are three methods to increase rankings and attract more visitors – improved visibility, preventing crawling by spiders, and getting indexed. Webmasters use different methods to increase their website’s visibility, including meta and title tag descriptions, cross linking, 301 redirects and canonical link element, and others. Getting indexed is very important. Yahoo, Google, and other search engines use automatic indexers or web crawlers to discover new pages and content.

Keyword optimization is of special interest, especially keywords in URLs, title tags, and anchor texts. SEO experts pay special attention to keyword density in content. For major keywords, a density of 5 – 7 percent works best while for other keywords it can be 1 – 2 percent. The keywords in headings and anchor texts are also important. The anchors in inbound links should contain keywords. SEO experts also focus on keyword proximity, phrases, and keywords in meta tags, alt tags, and others. They use terms such as keyword dilution, stuffing, mistypes, and stemming. Ultimately, the goal is to make content search-engine- and visitor-friendly.

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