Using SEO to Increase the Online Potential of Your Website

It is essential for small and large businesses alike to understand the importance of search engine optimization for their online presence and success. At a minimum, a website should have a site map, web analytics, plugins for ease of navigation and spam protection, and some other features. It is also important to create SEO-friendly URLs. Files with 3, 4, or more hyphens look very spammy. This means that visitors will be hesitant to open them. It is better to have keywords and key phrases (but not too long) in your URLs. Do not use underscores, only hyphens. Keyword research is also important for business success. There are different instruments such as Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool, WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, and others that have free versions. Opening a PPC account is also a good idea. Whether you opt for Microsoft adCenter or AdWords, this is a good way to find the search volume for different key phrases and words. These tools are not free, but it is an investment worth making. They offer the added advantage of instant visibility.

seoIt is also important to use relevant and unique meta descriptions and titles on all pages of your website. The meta title is a type of text snippet that will show below your listing. While it won’t help to increase your website’s ranking, make sure it contains relevant key phrases and words. This is a great way to encourage visitors to click on your website.

Of course, the most important thing is to post content with your visitors in mind. While Yahoo and Google have powerful crawlers and robots, they haven’t made a single purchase as of yet. It is customers who look for products and services, click on advertisements, call to learn more about your services, and sign up for newsletters.

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