wordpress 3.7

WordPress 3.7 for Enhanced Functionality, Language Support, and Accessibility

WordPress 3.7 offers enhanced language support and password recommendations along with background updates. Improved global support means that users benefit from faster translations.

The right language files are available for installation. With stronger password recommendations, you can rest assured that your site is protected against attacks. It is better to create a password that is unique, longer, and more complex. The platform recognizes references to pop culture, keyboard patterns like 1q2w, names, dates, and more. Automatic updates are another beneficial feature. Basically, the platform gets updated while you sleep. You don’t need to apply new security or maintenance updates any longer. What is more, the process is more secure, safe, and reliable because WordPress 3.7 comes with more safeguards than the older version. Automatic plugin and theme updates are also available.

wordpress 3.7The platform also offers benefits for developers, allowing them to control minor and major updates. In addition to multisite improvements, users have access to date query support.
WordPress search has been an issue for a long time. Until now, it was based on dates rather than relevance. Full sentence matches, search terms in titles, and full sentence matches are added to the new version. This feature is especially beneficial for large websites with a lot of content. Accessibility has been enhanced as well, including color contrasts and keyboard accessibility. Another feature that received serious attention is inline documentation. Poorly documented and undocumented code has been removed. Additional features include new filters, actions, classes, and functions. Twenty three filters and ten new methods have been introduced. New build tools are also offered to developers. There are internalization tools that help developers to create pot files. The good news is that more than 400 tickets were closed which is a major achievement.

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