WordPress 3.8: New Features and Capabilities

WordPress 3.8 offers new features such as a redesigned dashboard, an updated administration interface, and different color themes.

Other features include fast-loading webfront icons, enhanced usability, widget screens, high definition, refined contrast, and others. Visitors benefit from vector-based icons, improved theme management, and clean typography.

wordpress-3-8The new design is easy to navigate and read because of the superior contrast. The typeface is designed for mobile and desktop viewing and features simple text. Page load times are faster while users benefit from a new themes screen. Another advantage is the enhanced widget experience. WordPress 3.8 also allows webmasters to create a magazine. There are 3 widget areas that help users to customize their websites. You can use the Twenty Fourteen theme to create a magazine. The theme helps webmasters to publish engaging content in new ways.

The dashboard is orange, but you can choose from other color combinations such as ocean, midnight, ectoplasm, blue, and coffee. You can change the color combo from your profile settings. There is also an option to create your own color combinations and schemes. You can do this through a new plug-in – HS Custom Admin Theme. This is a user-friendly color picker. Just choose a menu front color, sub-menu background color, background color on hover, menu background color, and theme name. The color schemes created by users are recorded by the plug-in. This means that you can create a virtual library of color combinations and patterns for future use. The layout is uncluttered, simple, elegant, and spaced out. It is easy to work with and is designed to be used on smartphones and tablets. Users benefit from a better looking and sleeker interface. There are benefits for developers as well, among which better RTL support and updated external libraries. The help tap text has been improved as well.

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