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A Good Content Strategy for Your Website

A good content strategy is important if you seek to improve your search engine rankings and attract more visitors. It saves you energy and time on creating content that doesn’t work. What is more, a good strategy will help you to choose the right platform for your content and goals. What you need is a […]

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WordPress 3.8: New Features and Capabilities

WordPress 3.8 offers new features such as a redesigned dashboard, an updated administration interface, and different color themes. Other features include fast-loading webfront icons, enhanced usability, widget screens, high definition, refined contrast, and others. Visitors benefit from vector-based icons, improved theme management, and clean typography. The new design is easy to navigate and read because […]

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SEO Techniques to Get Tons of Organic Traffic

SEO is important for both start-up businesses and companies with hundreds of branches and offices across the world. The main benefit is free targeted traffic to your company’s website. Businesses benefit from higher sales volumes, better usability, cost-effectiveness, and excellent ROI. Businesses that get a lot of organic traffic see a substantial increase in their […]

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WordPress 3.7 for Enhanced Functionality, Language Support, and Accessibility

WordPress 3.7 offers enhanced language support and password recommendations along with background updates. Improved global support means that users benefit from faster translations. The right language files are available for installation. With stronger password recommendations, you can rest assured that your site is protected against attacks. It is better to create a password that is […]

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