SEO and Web Marketing to Market Your Services

Building quality backlinks is an important part of optimization. SEO helps make your website accessible for both robots and visitors. The right techniques allow pages to be indexed by the searched engines. Structuring web pages is a way to help the search engines to locate, read, and index them. And optimizing for specific keywords improves website rankings.

How Off-page and On-page SEO Works

Off-page SEO is a great way to gain higher rankings and reach a broader audience. The goal is to improve your ranking in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Off-page optimization includes press release, article, and directory submission and other strategies that help brand and market your services. On-page optimization is a way to optimize images, headings, meta tags, page titles, and other components.

Keyword Research

After a detailed analysis of your website, the next step is to focus on specific keywords that drive traffic. The goal is to find high-traffic, low-competition keywords. While there is a high volume of industry specific words, the secret to successful marketing is to find hidden loopholes. What is more, different keywords and phrases require different optimization tactics. On-page optimization, for example, is important for long keywords. We will optimize your content for relevant keywords and will work on the backlinks.

Structural Analysis

Analysing the structure of your website is an important part of optimization. Websites with a well-planned structure have better chances for high search engine rankings. We will check whether the HTML code is valid and if content is available under more than one URL. It is important to have guessable URLs. We will also check for mixed case URLs and will make sure that all title tags, descriptions, and meta titles are set up and are not duplicate.

Code Validation

Checking whether website pages are indexed is part of search engine optimization. We will pay attention to page loading times, tags, the HTML code, and other factors.

Content and Link Building

The key to optimization is content organisation, keyword optimization, and content promotion. It is important to organise website content in a logical way and use keywords with the right density for optimal searchability. Content promotion helps increase traffic and visibility. Link building is an integral part of SEO and aims to increase the number of quality inbound links. The goal is to get links from trustworthy and authoritative websites that will help you earn trust with the search engines. We won’t use link farms because this is a form of spam that may lead to a Google penalty. There are many link building strategies, and one is to analyse your competitors’ keywords and links.

Backlink and Ranking Reports

We offer backlink and ranking reports on a monthly basis so that customers can check their ranking and number of inbound backlinks. The audit report includes information about broken links and other errors.

Website Usability

We will fix error messages to ensure that your website runs smoothly. This includes testing website usability, mobile readiness, speed tests, CSS checking as well as HTML checks. We use sophisticated tools to validate for errors and check for compliance warnings. It is also important to check how your site performs under different traffic volumes and how it is displayed in different browsers. This will help us to solve compatibility issues.