Web Design

Functional and Interactive Designs for Business Websites

Developing Wireframes

Wireframes help outline the data hierarchy of your website’s design. They show its structure. The focus is on the layout to give you a clear idea of how all elements fit together. In essence, the goal is to show the placement of footers, navigation menus, content areas, and other page components.

Website Navigation

The navigation bar is a key component of your website. It is a reference point to enable users to easily find and engage with content. Animated drop-down menus, a clear menu structure, accessible navigation bar, and one-level navigation bars are some factors to consider. This will help users to locate content and move more efficiently, leading to more returning visitors and sales.

Widget Design for Enhanced Interactivity

Interactive features such as weather forecasts, blog-rolls, social feeds, crossword puzzles, and voting polls make designs unique and more appealing. Having an easy-to-use and functional control panel helps adjust the settings. Widgets offer interactive experience to website visitors, from mailing lists and calendars to music players and Facebook and Twitter widgets. These doo-dads will help attract readers and expand your visitor base and business potential.

Icons and Buttons for Enhanced User Experience

Functional call-to-action buttons and icons, whether plain, fancy, or artsy, serve to direct visitors and highlight website content. Web usability is very important and the right placement of bullets, icons, and buttons will make usability a breeze. We will create effective buttons and will place them in appropriate, easy-to-spot places. Call-to-action words like “Read more” and “Sign up” deliver value and help create a flawless design. Lighting effects and gradients highlight content while call-to-action words give users a reason to act immediately.

Footer Design

Usable, informative, and artistic footers grab readers’ attention and contribute to your website’s readability and usability. Footers increase brand awareness and help convey information in an intuitive and organised manner. Our footer designs are attention-grabbing and custom-made and provide convenience for visitors. Whether placing links to the site map, “back to top” links, or “contact” information, footers provide convenience.

Contact Forms for Interacting with Visitors

A simple contact form is an irreplaceable part of your website. The goal is to encourage visitors to reach you through the contact form, by phone, email, Skype, or other means. A feedback form is very important, and it should be as interactive and functional as possible. This is a way to collect information and receive feedback and enquiries. We will use sign-ups, registrations, and forms that are functional and appealing and will display them throughout your website. This is a great way to track enquiries and not having a contact form is a missed opportunity.