Functional Sites

Web-Enabled Tools to Create Functional Sites

Developers and designers use different web design tools to create easy-to-use and functional websites.

Web-enabled tools come with different interaction methods, pixel densities, form factors, functionalities, resolutions, and more. They are ideal for developers who want to create adaptable, flexible, and smart web experiences. Web-enabled tools help create a multi-device, adaptive, and responsive design.

Functional SitesThere are different innovative tools such as Foundation, Element Collages, Style Tiles, Detector, and many others. Some tools execute functions and load scripts while others determine device classes. Other tools are used to detect network connectivity and device display, deploy icon fonts, download packages, create custom icon fonts, generate resolution-independent icons, and a lot more. Deploying and creating icon fonts is easy when using such tools. There are plenty of benefits of fronted style guides as well. Among them are developing a shared vocabulary, improved workflow, easier testing, and others. A shared pattern library is important for those who seek to create a consistent design system. Google also launched its own tool Web Designer which allows developers to create interactive HTML5 websites. The tool was developed to help create advertisements for desktop and mobile devices. This is a great way to create animations and single-page websites for different purposes. Basically, this is a visual tool that helps developers to fine-tune various aspects of their websites. A built-in editor allows them to check and manipulate code and preview the finished product. There are different tools and capabilities for developers, including a timeline to manage animations, a pen tool, a tool to develop 3D content, and others. Developers also benefit from pre-built elements for embedded YouTube videos, maps, galleries, and more. And there are quick and advanced modes that allow designers to build animations. Many prefer the advanced mode because it gives them more control over the finished product.

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