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Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid

Black hat SEO techniques are used to increase online visibility and presence and get high search engine ranking.

They present content in an unethical manner and are to blame for poor user experience. The problem with black hat SEO is that these techniques break search engine regulations and rules.

Keyword Stuffing, Doorway Pages, Invisible Text

black hat seo techniquesTechniques to avoid include doorway pages, invisible text, keyword stuffing, and others. Keyword stuffing means packing keyword phrases onto your content pages or website. This will get you penalized. Doorway pages are created for search engine spiders. Basically, they are fake pages, and the goal is better indexing. Some webmasters also use invisible text to get higher search engine rankings. Keywords and keyword phrases are typed in white and appear on a white background. These techniques are shady and unethical to use. Some websites are actually banned for black hat SEO.

Other Techniques

There are other unethical techniques to avoid, including hidden links, tiny text, unrelated keywords, and cloaking. Some webmasters also use techniques such as page swapping or bait-and-switch, mirror sites or duplicate content, splogs, or spam blogs, and others. Some blogs use software that creates unreadable text stuffed with keywords. The goal is to get website visitors to click on advertisements. There are other black hat SEO techniques such as comment and blog spam, spam ping, and trackback spam. Shady techniques to avoid include link farms, referrer spam, domain squatting, social networking spam, and URL hijacking. Some webmasters message visitors with ads and target certain demographic groups. They send messages such as “visit to see photos of my children”. Cookie dropping or cookie stuffing is another technique to avoid. It involves secretly placing affiliate cookies on personal computers with the aim of earning a percentage of the sales.


  1. Kiran says:

    Low quality content and keyword stuffing are majorly adoptable thing by web owners.

  2. Philip says:

    If everyone was agreed to use only whitehat techiques the penalties would have been much less. A lot of young teenagers are eager to experiment with their blogs and sites and wish to see them in the first few positions ranked by Google. This is not a fast and onetime process. To avoid penalties – take slowly pace into the linkbuilding and SEO management. This is slow and continuous process if you want to see your site at upper position and without penalties which will drop you down below zero….

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