AdWords Bidding Strategies

AdWords Bidding Strategies for Successful Advertisers

Advertisers can choose from different bidding strategies to increase their traffic and customer base.

These include automatic CPC, manual CPC, CPA bidding, and advanced CPC. You can choose to manually set bids as a way of driving click traffic. Another option is to choose automatic CPC. In this case, you give AdWords control and AdWords Bidding Strategieshave to determine a daily budget. Enhanced CPC is yet another option whereby you use conversion tracking. This is a good choice for conversion-focused businesses. AdWords decreases or increases bids to drive traffic and conversions. Bids are lowered or raised for clicks that are less likely or more likely to drive conversions. CPA bidding is another strategy to consider. It is designed for businesses that have 15 or more conversions within 30 days. AdWords uses the conversions history, with two options available for businesses. These are Target and Max cost per acquisition. Bid adjustments are applied by the Conversion Optimizer meaning that it is not a good choice for adjustments across devices, locations, times, and days.

In addition to these options, advertisers can choose from other bidding strategies that are more flexible. The list includes ROAS or return on ad spend, search page location, maximize clicks, and others. Maximize clicks is a version of automated bidding to be used for keywords, ad groups, and campaigns. With return on ad spend, businesses set values so that AdWords predicts future values and conversions. This strategy can be used for the search and display networks or the search network only. The goal is to reach targets across all campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and keyword phrases. Those who are new to advertising and bidding may want to use the AdWords’s shared library to learn about different strategies. They help advertisers to maximize clicks and drive traffic across multiple campaigns.

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