About Us

Webpossessor specialises in creating unique and affordable websites to increase your online presence, traffic, and visibility. Professional website design contributes to building your business. Companies benefit from added exposure, search engine visibility, and quick access to industry-specific niches and markets.

Benefits for Businesses

WordPress websites offer many benefits such as better time management, speed of communication, and good accessibility. They are social network-friendly meaning that you can add buttons and integrate posts with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social medial platforms. Learning to add images and videos, new pages, titles, keywords, and new content is very easy. Other advantages are good two-way communication with readers and customers, improved website security, and enhanced credibility and industry authority. Improved functionality and automation make WordPress the preferred choice of many businesses.

We create multi-user websites for large, medium, and small businesses. They offer many options such as read-only and editing features. Users benefit from free upgrades, a reduced work volume, mobile capabilities, and one-step posting.

SEO and Copywriting for Quality Backlinks and Content

Professional copywriters offer services to entrepreneurs, industry leaders, large companies, and small business owners. They focus on the benefits of a product before it is out of the box. Why customers choose one product over another? Benefits sell. Products that give people a sense of control, self-worth, adventure, freedom, and independence sell better. Buying choices are influenced by need and desire, and copywriters are perfectly aware of this. We will create a powerful sales copy for your business, making your clients feel confident, special, and successful. Products that make people feel good, focused, and in control are potential bestsellers.

Search engine optimization involves different strategies that will push your website to the top of search engine results. We will analyse your backlinks and will identify quality backlinks from authoritative sites that will increase your page rank and traffic. Backlinks drive traffic and move your website up in Google. And Google loves diversity. We will identify do follow and no follow links and relevant, authoritative websites. Both no follow and do follow links are an indication of trust. In addition to backlinks, you will benefit from target audience and market analysis, competitor analysis, code and keyword optimization, and structural analysis.

Social Media Campaigns and Google Adwords

Google Adwords offers multiple benefits to start-ups and established businesses, including flexibility, timing, cost, and reach. Good control of your advertising campaigns and guaranteed placement are additional advantages. What is more, you can monitor your traffic and spending. Social media campaigns are another way to drive traffic and boost your sales volume. To this, we will help you to achieve a high ROI and attract new customers. Research shows that the majority of small businesses get more than 20 percent of their new customers via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. Facebook fans are likely to spend more money than non-fan consumers. And 1/3 of Americans check their profiles at least several times a day. Close to 50 percent check outbrand pages. This can be your page!